Taylor Swift Ticket Giveaway

Congratulations to our winner!

You heard right. We are giving away two tickets to Taylor Swift this summer at Soldier Field in Chicago June 1th.

We said we were going to do it big this year, and we wanted to follow up on that. That’s why we decided to host a giveaway for all our customers and friends! To get the tickets it’s simple

  1. In either location, take a picture with our life-size Taylor Swift cutout! We had to fly her in from London to take these shots so make sure to snag a shot with her while you can.
  2. Take that photo and post it on your wall and tag us! If you don’t tag us we can’t see it so make sure to be entered to win.
  3. Sit tight until May 29th when we will be announcing the winner of the tickets! We will be allowing people to take photos up until the day of and will be reaching out to the winner then.

Note: If you have already taken photos from when we earlier announced the promotion you are still entered to win!


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