The Hygiene in Doing It Standing Up

Why Stand Up Booths?

With our over 30 years of experience, we have put time and effort into creating a tanning experience that is quick, effective, and most importantly, Clean! As we grew and expanded, we realized that we couldn’t fully achieve those goals with conventional lay down beds. It drove us to work with our partners to come up with a state of the art bed, that was Quicker, Cooler, and Cleaner, and that’s where Standup Beds come in. With Standup Beds we are able to provide the cleanest tanning experience reducing the amount of contact you have with it and this provides some major advantages.

Benefits of Standing Up

  1. With you standing up, air is able to flow around you providing a nice breeze to cool you off better.
  2. With lamps all around you and no pressure points you will get the most coverage and consistency in your results
  3. With state of the art beds, we’ll have you in and out in no time with the average tanner only needing ~5 mins!

Our Standups are Simple and Effective

But I Like Laying Down…

You may not consider it, but there are multiple times a lay down bed will be used throughout the day / week and it might make you a little more uncomfortable to know that most people tan naked. That means naked, sweaty, and potentially dirty bodies are touching the bed throughout the day and that dirt and grime builds up. And even with your pressure point tan dots on your butt you might still think “…well surely they clean the bed right after every tanner right?” Unfortunately there are a few major flaws in that assumption:

  1. Many beds get cleaned partially, poorly or hurriedly.
  2. Not every bed gets cleaned! That’s a fact. Employees often just forget or miss a bed altogether!
  3. Tanning bed disinfectant must be left on for 7 minutes or longer according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Have you ever seen anyone wait that long?

So tell us what sounds better… A 5 minute session with a nice breeze… Or a ~20 minute sweaty lay down bed?